Chris Kluwe

From the Wikipedia article on Chris Kluwe:

In 2011 Kluwe changed his jersey number when the Vikings acquired quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb previously wore #5 for the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles, and requested the same number when he arrived in Minnesota, which was then being worn by Kluwe. Kluwe agreed on the condition that McNabb make a $5,000 donation to charity, to mention Kluwe’s band Tripping Icarus a total of 5 times during McNabb’s press conferences, and to buy Kluwe an ice cream cone….McNabb did mention Kluwe’s band 3 times and did write the check for the donation, but never bought Kluwe the ice cream cone.

Also, his favorite book in Ender’s Game, even though he considers Orson Scott Card a “turd.” I think this is the closest I’ll ever come to having a crush on a football player.

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