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According to Wikipedia, “Fibonacci is best known to the modern world for the spreading of the Hindu–Arabic numeral system in Europe.”


Now, I think that development is awesome–apparently it facilitated mathematical advances, since it’s hard to do math with Roman numerals!–but I’m pretty sure that’s not what he’s best known for. :)


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What a great idea!

the Quick, Approximate, Mental Arithmetic (QAMA) calculator….Mine just arrived. I typed “25 x 37″ and pressed “=”. A short underline cursor flashed away on the bottom left of the screen, without offering an answer. Instead, it demanded an estimate. Like a skilled tutor, it answered my question with its own.

When I entered 100, it asked again. For how could two numbers, each around 30, multiply only to 100? When I tried 400 and even 800, I still got no answer. Only when I tried 900 did the calculator answer my original question and tell me the exact answer (925).

Here’s the whole article.

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