A payment might not be due

Target’s email says:

“As you requested, this is to let you know the payment due date for your Target REDcard® is 3/24. Keep in mind that a payment might not be due if you’ve already made a payment or if you have a zero balance.”

Protip, Target: How about you check the account for payment or zero balance *before* sending the email?

Or maybe I should take a similar tack: “Dear random person. You owe me fifty bucks, payable immediately. Please disregard if you don’t owe me fifty bucks.”


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5 responses to “A payment might not be due

  1. Fred

    Just make sure they don’t send your unpaid debt of $0 to collections. Things could get messy.

  2. Nick

    Race condition between payment processing and email receipt, is the issue. This saves them the cost of fielding the inevitably frantic call to customer service.

    • evaholtz

      Yeah, but couldn’t they just say “please disregard this message if you’ve made a payment in the last 48 hours” or whatever?

      Anyway, I had a zero balance all along :P

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