I’ve had high cholesterol all my life, and all my life I’ve been told to stick to a low-fat diet. I grew up on fat-free cheese, fat-free milk, fat-free egg whites, even fat-free “butter” and “mayo.”

Over the past few years, though, I’ve begun to question this thinking, thanks to books like Good Calories, Bad Calories and the growing popularity of Paleo.

And now the stats are in:

  • Cholesterol level growing up on a studiously low-fat diet: 232.
  • Cholesterol level now that I eat meat, cheese, eggs, nuts, butter, and dressing: 193.

Thanks a lot, medical dudes.

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  1. Yeah, that kind of thing is why, despite cholesterol warnings since childhood, I’ve mostly ignored it. Other things have been way more important anyway. And it’s pretty clear that cancer is what is going to get me if I just look at my family, so probably i should be focused on that…sigh…

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