Robots and dolls

I enjoyed the following in the comments section of a Boing Boing post on toys and gender:

I can remember, very clearly, sitting on Santa’s lap and asking him for a robot. And Santa said “Don’t you want a nice doll instead?” I insisted that I wanted a robot. Didn’t matter. Neither Santa nor my parents thought I should have a robot. I got dolls. My Aunt gave me a baby doll for Christmas one year and I, very politely for a three year old, told her that I did not play with dolls, did not care for them. I was escorted from the room, paddled, and then tearfully thanked her for the doll. I never touched said doll again. The fashion dolls I got in subsequent years, I dismembered.



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2 responses to “Robots and dolls

  1. Fred

    When we have a kid (in about 6 months or so), we are definitely finding out the gender so that we can head off the inevitable flood of gendered toys and clothes. Neither my wife or I are into stuffing Future Kid into a gender role; if it wants to play sports, it gets to play sports. If it wants to play with robots, it gets robots. If it wants to play with dolls or an EZ Bake Oven, one will be forthcoming.

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