Today was the funeral of my grandma, Dorothy.

Perhaps a dozen kids, grandkids, and friends spoke at the service, reminding everyone of her patience, positivity, generosity, and way with words.

I especially liked my cousin Bethany’s speech. Bethany reminded us of how, with each holiday, Grandma would send us a $5 bill with a seasonal sticker on the president’s face. She also recalled that one of Grandma’s lessons was “Don’t lie, ’cause you’ll get caught. And oh yeah, it’s wrong.” At least, that was Bethany’s take on it.

Afterwards we had lunch, including three different kinds of jello-with-fruit-in-it, next to a life-sized nativity scene. God bless upstate New York church basements.

Then we went back to Grandma’s place to sort through her personal effects. Generations of wedding dresses and hand-tatted lace. Books on faith and Republican presidents. My grandfather’s pocket protectors and ’50s houndstooth swim trunks. Christmas ornaments and fridge magnets–Emily narrowly nabbed the one with a grinning Jesus.

We also had fun looking through the kitchen and identifying unfamiliar items, like a tea squeezer and ten-blade herb scissors.

And now, true to form, we’re all playing Catchphrase.


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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful grandmother. My condolences.

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