Edison and Westinghouse

Did you know Westinghouse and Edison had a grand rivalry over the adoption of AC vs. DC electricity, respectively? Edison, in a fit of absolutely brilliant negative PR, managed to get New York to try AC electrocution for the death penalty. He called it “Westinghousing.” More here.



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5 responses to “Edison and Westinghouse

  1. I like the part about killing the elephant.

  2. T's J

    I read a book about this rivalry a few years ago, called “Edison and the Electric Chair.” It’s pretty disturbing to learn Edison was kind of a dick, but the book is a fun read. A better summary might be found in the rather ridiculously funny Drunk History Episode 6: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/ef668caf14/drunk-history-vol-6-w-john-c-reilly-crispin-glover

  3. T's J

    Oh, one more bit of trivia: New York City was, for many years, the stronghold of direct current, since that’s where Edison’s original power station was. Would you care to take a guess when the last commercial direct current power service was finally phased out (pardon the pun…) in New York? I insist that you guess before reading on!

    The answer: 2007! http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/11/14/off-goes-the-power-current-started-by-thomas-edison/

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