Negligence and suicide

I had dinner with my favorite law professor last night, and he shared an interesting case with me: In hopes of committing suicide, a woman threw herself in front of a bus. Under normal conditions the bus driver should have been able to stop, but this particular driver happened to be drunk. The woman died as intended. Her estate sued the city for negligence.

What should happen?


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3 responses to “Negligence and suicide

  1. Nick

    Estate wins. Woman’s intentions are irrelevant. Give me a harder one. ;) Side note: I want an estate. Do you have an estate?

  2. avivaman

    I’m not sure the estate has the cause of action here, so I think it gets thrown out early.

  3. evaholtz

    So, my understanding is that the case was thrown out because you can’t sue for negligence if you’re committing an illegal act. Whoa.

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